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Energy Krieau is operated by BauConsult Energy.

Green. Innovative. Infinite. Energie Krieau.

Generating green energy, combining it innovatively, using it infinitely.

We use renewable energy sources such as ground water, geothermal energy, and the sun to produce our green energy.
We also make use of the synergistic benefits that result from the fact that the premises are used by a variety of people with differing needs. Our systems waste as little energy as possible; instead we recycle it for other energy needs.

Green – our energy is renewable.

By producing energy on the premises from renewable sources – geothermal sources, ground water, waste heat, waste water, solar energy – we ease the burden on the environment and significantly reduce annual CO2 emissions. The customer receives locally-produced green energy for heating and cooling at a fair market price.

Good energy, good conscience.


Innovative – our energy protects resources.

We focus on local resources that have the highest potential, and use the Anergy network to create an intelligent system:
renewable energy sources and buildings work hand in hand, because a green energy network functions best when different uses are combined with each other, for example, if waste heat from office buildings is used to heat water in residential buildings.

Versatile applications, a clever system.

Infinite – our energy is sustainable.

With our green energy network, we create the ideal combination of energy generation, storage, and distribution.
Energy from renewable sources supplies users in an infinite cycle, in which waste heat is also reused. If there is no current demand for the energy that is produced, it is stored and reused when needed.

Nothing is lost, everything is reused.

Energie Krieau.

Green energy is currently provided for about



Student apartments

Square meter


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Any questions?

Our Energie-Krieau-Team at VIERTEL ZWEI is there for you, answering your questions about your energy supply.
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Telephone +43 1 95580, Monnday to Friday, 08.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.


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